Personal essay hints: thinking about a mundane topic

Usually with essay writing you try to think about something different, exciting or of interest that can help you produce unique content. But what happens when you can’t come up with anything different and you find yourself wanting to do something that is common or ordinary? This may seem kind of boring or dull in some cases, but for many students this is what they are comfortable writing about. If your personal essay topic is nothing out of the ordinary, there are a few things to consider in making your essay an interesting read regardless how mundane the topic may be.

Writing About Yourself in a Different Way

Some people may not like writing about themselves or sharing personal information. In this case it may be easier to choose something common because they are likely to know the answer that usually follows. In choosing a common topic it can be helpful to consider how to make things a little interesting. You may get some ideas reading a few sample articles to get further understanding of what you would be comfortable sharing about yourself.

Mentioning Something People May Not Know about You

Sharing something different people may not know about you could be a nice surprise to read about. You may have qualities or characteristics about you that you like, but others may find a little quirky. In keeping with the appropriateness of the essay theme if you are able to share something unique about yourself it may make the writing process a little easier. Consider details that may help show a certain quality others will find useful or special. For others, it may be a life changing experience that led to your chosen career path such as being close to death, losing someone close to you or experiencing something exciting that left a lasting impression.

Common Topic Ideas with a Twist

A personal essay with a common topic should have some type of spin or twist that can be unexpected or different. In some cases the audience, such as the instructor or school admissions committee, may get tired of seeing the same type of content over and over again. An essay of this nature works to encourage creative thinking and writing. While you should not need to resort to telling lies you want to be open about your topic while considering details that are innovative.

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