How To Properly Write An Essay About Yourself

As the chief expert on all matters pertaining to YOU it should be no problem at all for you to write the perfect essay on yourself. Hypothetically at least. In reality you may be faced with a situation where you need to represent yourself in the best possible light, perhaps to a college you wish to apply to. You will not want that moment to meet you frustrated and confused without a clue as to how to make other people realize what a wonderful person you are. This article will provide a basic template you can use to create an essay that describes you to others in a way that makes you proud.

  1. Basic Information
    Your essay should contain some things about you that are pretty simple. Your name, your age, where you come from. These facts are like the foundation upon which you can build the rest of your story. They do not need to necessarily follow right after each other if your essay flows better by leaving one of these elements for later on in the essay but most of them should be dealt with early on. Age can be omitted if you fear against discrimination but if it is relevant to your essay you do this at your own risk. Some programs have age limits that cannot be ignored and you can always take the opportunity to explain why you are a good candidate regardless.

  2. The Build Up
    After including the basics of who you are you should devote some space in your essay to the building up of your character. What’s so great about you? Answer this question with honesty and a touch of self promotion and you’ll be on the right track. Search your past for the best moments and elaborate on them.

  3. The Take Down
    Your best moments probably looked great written down. The next step, however, is to find ways to NOT seem like you are bragging. A personal essay that makes you sound like a narcissist can backfire terribly. Restructure your language from that section to imply humility and add in a few personal flaws. Not a drug habit. Not uncontrollable rage. Pick something that makes you seem regrettable but not risky to have around and make sure to mention what you’ve been doing to overcome your failing.

Now go forth and write!

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