4 Places Where You Can Find Examples Of Personal Essays For College

Personal essays or statements as they are called are usually written to a college that you are trying to attend. These kinds of statements tell the college about you and why you want to go to this particular school. If you fail to write a great personal essay then you won’t get into the school that you want and this can be devastating.

That is why you should use examples of personal essays and statements to help you compose your own. Examples are a great way to see some of the successful personal statements that other students have written. Then you can use these to write your own and you will have a better idea what to write about yourself.

4 Places To Find Examples Of Personal Essays

  • Teammates Dot ORG has a list of statements that have been written and worked with colleges to get the people in. It is in a PDF form so it will be easy to save and use for further reference. And there are four examples, so then you can get a better idea of what to write.
  • Connecticut College’s website can help you with your assignment. On their website you will find topics that worked, these are papers that past students have written to get into the school. You know that they are good ones because this is a college website and they would know if the statements are written correctly and have great content.
  • Essay Info is a great site for anything that you have to write and they have a great section on how to write these kinds of papers. In this section you will get the details on what to do and not to your in your statement and they give you some great samples that you can use to make sure that you did it write. Bookmark this page because once you get into college this is a great source to help you write other assignments as well.
  • Humboldt State University grades their papers with a point system that is explained on their website and they give you examples of these kinds of papers on their website. If you click on Sample Personal-Experience Essays, they give you a list of these kinds of projects and tell you which ones are the best and which ones need work.
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