What is the best admission essay structure

Admissions essays are stressful and frustrating for many students. It seems like the standardized test scores and a rock solid grade point average would be enough for a college to be able to accept or deny a student. Unfortunately, college admissions offices think differently than this. They want to see the personality and capabilities of their candidates before they make a final decision. There are so many students who have high grade point averages and high test scores, so the colleges needed to decide on a tool to use as a tiebreaker. The admissions essay was the clear option that helped admissions offices tell the difference between students with the same grade point average and standardized test scores.

What Should Be Included in the Essay

When students are writing their admission essays, they need to be aware of what the admissions specialists are looking for from their candidates. The first thing to consider is the topic they provide. Many colleges will assign a common topic that has plenty of approaches. Colleges really want to see that you have a comfort level with structuring essays, with grammar and usage techniques, and with developing a thesis. The structure of the essay will be determined by the assignment and the formatting instructions the prompt requires.

Follow the Instructions

It is vital to follow the instructions that accompany the essay. College admissions specialists do want to see that students can read instruction and follow them. However, they also want to see creativity and the ability to develop a topic, so wherever you are allotted some freedom, you should take advantage of the situation. For example, you might have to write about a book that made a big difference in your experiences with reading. So, you choose the book and begin to write, right? No, you dig through the books you have read, even the early children’s books, and you take time to find the perfect book. It might be a book that no one has ever heard of or maybe you write about a book or reading experience that turned you off of reading (because this really does happen).

Know Proper Essay Writing Styles

Be sure that whatever topic you choose is written in the typical essay style. You should always include an introduction, body paragraphs with appropriate topic sentences and details, and then finish with a conclusion. Be sure to follow the required maximum and minimum word counts and all of the other vital ingredients that will help make the essay complete and successful in the eyes of the college admissions specialists.

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