How to Write About Yourself in a College Essay: Avoiding Mistakes

Knowing Thyself

Be original is an oxymoron. The Book of Deuteronomy states, “Nothing is new under the sun.” The first step in getting to better understand oneself is in being honest with oneself. “Do not try to be something that you are not,” as the old saying goes. Although this expresses some truth it can also be considered a one-sided argument. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “In order to become the person you want you will have to be the person you never were?” If not, then consider it for a moment. Just what exactly does the conglomerate of the previous sayings and references have anything to do with writing your personal statement for a college essay? Well, as a matter of fact, it has everything to do with it. In thinking for yourself and writing about what you know, you are on your way to cultivating and mastering one of life’s greatest tests—that of knowing yourself. Overtime, you will become better acquainted with yourself and you will find that opportunities will begin to open up for you. As your vibrational frequency transforms the universe which continually matches the signals received from those generated. If this explanation seems more of a metaphysical description of nonsense it has provided the service of proving another one of life’s greatest test—the expansion of the mind in imagination and open-mindedness.

Concentration of Mentality

What is the purpose of reading this article when the title does not seem to match the description? Look over the phrase previously proposed for your consideration. Now carefully think about the personal statement you need to submit in supplement to your college application. In trying originality, and avoiding plagiarism, you have stressed a great deal, wondering what to write about. Whether choosing to discuss a certain life changing event, or a pastime, the idea is to view writing much as the basis of the thinking process, fluid continuity. Avoid incompletion of required guidelines, late submission of the application, spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Most importantly, consider the reflection of a personal experience you would like to commemorate in sharing with the prospective admissions committee. The topic written should be something personal as it is your photograph—by being able to display yourself as you are.

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