What to Write in a Personal Statement

This is a question that many students have to ask before they join college. Basically, a personal statement tries to give schools information about their prospective students so that they can be able to evaluate how the different students will be able to fit in their community. It is a very important document that completes the student. Without the personal statement, all the information that schools would be having about their students would be test scores, activities and a bunch of grades. Here are some ideas that will help you to better understand what needs to appear in a personal statement.

Write About ‘You’

Just like the name suggests, you need to make sure that you write about yourself. Sometimes we tend to stray and write about other things that sound important in efforts to please the reviewers. This will not work for you in a personal statement because the reviewers will not be able to get what they want from you. To ensure that you do not end up in the list of students who fail to get accepted in their dream colleges due to errors in their personal statements, you need to make sure that you make no compromise on this one. You can ask your parents or some friends for help in identifying some of the unique traits that make you stand out from everybody else. Writing about these will ensure that you are not flagged off as another ordinary student.

Maintain Consistency

Whatever topic you choose, you have to make sure that you remain consistent throughout your essay. Given the number of experiences that you have had in life, you may be tempted to briefly mention as many as possible. This will not be useful to you because it’s better to exhaustively write about two experiences than to write a little bit of everything. It is also important to mention the impact of the events to your life and how they have made you a better individual.

Strive to Communicate

The main aim of writing a personal statement is to give the college information about the prospective students. Without a personal statement, all the student information with the school would only be grades and activities. As the student, you need to make sure that you write things that are important to your life. Avoid things that are believed to work well in personal statements and be yourself.

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