Application Writing Tips and Suggestions

Getting into the college of your dreams can be extremely hard. An application for college is practically the most important thing in your admission process. The way you write and the way you describe yourself is actually a mirror of yourself and the college professor who reads your application knows that. He has read tons of papers like yours before. This is why your text should be unique and perfectly balanced in order to part from the other’s application essays.

Don’t enlist your accomplishments

The best way to write a masterpiece is to tell a story. Make it a story. Everyone loves to hear or to read stories and that is the only secret I have to tell you. Write an engaging essay that will make the reader want more and more. Reveal your personality, life experience and write about a difficult moment in your life. That shows more about yourself and your personality than enlisting your high grades and accomplishments. You know that old saying – true friends resist hard times. A person who has the courage to discuss the difficult moments in his life is definitely a person you will want to meet.

Try adding a bit of humor

But only a bit. I know I’ve said that you must write an engaging and thoughtful story, but you don’t want to sound heavy. Try to balance the situation by using a clever saying or a metaphor. But be careful, an essay full of jokes will be rejected. Don’t forget why are you writing and for whom you are writing.

Balance your tone

The general tone of your essay is remarkably essential in your application process. I know it is very difficult to hit the bulls eye, but you won’t have another chance. You will also be asked to write about your achievements, but don’t be a boaster. Balance your tone, both the humor and both the thoughtful words.

Give it to other people to read it

The best way to see if you application essay is good is to make others read it and offer you feedback. You can ask for suggestions or tips and see if you have to add anything else. This one is an extremely important tip because you see the essay from your point of you, while others see what you don’t.

Check the grammatical errors

You know for sure that mechanics are remarkably important. Spelling mistakes or punctuation errors can get you rejected right away. You may say that a few errors can’t harm anybody, but I assure you of the fact that even the slightest error can get you a stair back. Be sure your essay is impeccable before submitting it. Take care!

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