Custom College Admission Papers vs Plagiarism

It’s a no-brainer which one wins here: custom college admission papers. In both instances you’re stealing your grade in some way by shirking actual work to earn the grade. Let’s take a brief look at both and see the pros and cons.


Obviously you’re stealing work. You’re not borrowing it, it doesn’t matter if the original writer is long dead, and/or has already his grade so we won’t need the work anymore; you’re stealing someone else’s work. As a matter of fact, you’re profiting from their work in getting a passing grade that could help your class score. On top of this, Copyscape will alert your instructor that you nicked someone’s work if that work has been posted online.

There is pretty much nothing redeemable about plagiarism so as a pro for plagiarism, we’ll just say it’s free. You don’t need to pay to rip someone else’s writing. Of course, since you’re doing an admission paper you shouldn’t need to steal anyone’s work since it’s a paper focusing on you. Maybe if there’s a topic of discussion, but for the most part there’s no reason to plagiarize work.

Custom College Admission Papers

The winner here is custom college admission papers. Sure you’re not doing your work and sure you have to pay quite a bit to get your admission paper done, but you’re not lifting anyone’s work. On top of that, the service you have working for you—if they’re not on the scam end of the spectrum—will not plagiarize work. You know you’re getting a service that won’t put your grade in jeopardy.

The other good thing with going with admission paper services is that you can use them to do your essays while you tackle other essays to give you breathing room.

The Honor Code

Most colleges and universities have some version of the honor code and plagiarism has always been something that is never tolerated. With college admission papers that you have written for you, you’re able to float over the honor code as there’s no proof you cheated. With plagiarism, it’s more blatant. Liken going to a writing service to jaywalking at 3AM and plagiarism to stealing in plain view of the store clerk.

In short: even though you have to pay for the service, it’s the lesser of two academic evils in this case.

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