Discussing controversial questions in your admission essay

It can be argued that there is no more important writing assignment than your admission essay. You're using this to gain entry to the college of your choice. It might be so fantastic an admission essay that you are immediately offered a place or alternatively, it might mean that you will be invited for an interview because your admission essay is so interesting.

But there are a number of points to consider here. If you choose to use controversy in your question or topic in your admission essay, that's good. But what is really better is that you know how to write using a controversial question. Just because your topic is controversial doesn't mean your admission essay will be good or successful. The topic is clearly important but so too is your ability to write well.

What's important with a controversial question?

You need to understand that controversy is usually interesting. The question or topic wouldn’t be controversial unless it aroused different opinions on that particular subject. So straight away by choosing a controversial question for your admission essay, you're likely to grab the attention of the reader.

That's when the hard graft starts. That's when being smart really begins. Your plan in writing using a controversial question is to engage the emotions and the thinking processes of the reader. They need to either agree or disagree with your point of view. Your argument needs to excite them or incite them. They need to be for or against your point of view on the controversial question.

Now a really good student will make sure that they cover all the bases. They will certainly make clear, using evidence, that their point of view is well substantiated. But by mentioning the opposing point of view and pointing out how it does not gain the same support or impact for your point of view, you are showing the reader that you are widely read. You are showing that you have taken an overall and objective view of the subject.

It means you can look for a controversial question when creating your admission essay but do not do so just for the sake of being controversial. It must be an interesting topic and above all else, you must write it in an engaging way. If you do this, chances are the people who offer places at various colleges will be impressed by the way you think and express yourself.

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