Who Can Write and Edit Your Admission Essay

So you just spent the last 3.5 to 4 years partying and learning. At this point, you have finished up your coursework for the entirety of your undergraduate career, and graduation is in your sights. For some, you will enter the workforce, but for most of you the next step in your collegiate career is a graduate level degree or professional degree of some sort. So while you are getting ready for graduation and leaving one chapter behind, you still have to get those pesky admissions essays out of the way. Let us discuss who is best to write and edit your essay.

All about you

I believe there are two to three types of people who can write your admissions essay. Who knows you better than yourself. You can tell college admissions officers more about your accomplishments, GPA, and extracurricular activities, than anyone else. Writing an essay yourself gives the essay more of a personality, which is something admissions officers weigh highly. It allows you to delve deep and convey a passion for the degree in which you are pursuing. While writing about yourself, your passion will show through, but remember to stay on topic and stick to few key points.

If you are writing your essay, a good place to start with editing is amongst friends. You can have two to three people read it with fresh eyes. After they have finished editing your text you can go to your school writing lab if they have one. There will be professionals, usually with english and literature backgrounds, that can read over your text and provide helpful suggestions.

Hiring the other guys

If you are not good at writing then you can use a professional service, for a small fee. In a clear and concise way, using academic information you provided, they will construct a well crafted admissions essay for you. They will also edit the text. These services only employ the best academic writers. There are many services on the market so you should do your research before hiring one. Read reviews, and take note of what they offer. Look at samples of their previous work. If they do not provide a sample ask.

Remember to use outside sources to edit your text, because a good admissions essay is the key to getting accepted.

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We receive loads of requests from students who are willing to pay us good money for custom written essays, research and term papers. Please understand that we do not, under any circumstances, write admission papers from scratch - this is against our policy and contradicts the academic ethics. Thank you for understanding.