Admission Essay Writing Process: Making a Plan

Your admission essay is an essential aspect of your college application. There are colleges that don’t require an admission essay, but for those that do, what you convey about yourself can distinguish you from other applicants. Your personal information makes you a unique person who has skills and abilities to offer a college campus. An admission essay is a sort of personal statement. This essay is of a broad-spectrum and includes information about yourself and people who have been an influence in your life.

How to get started?

Begin by brainstorming and ask relevant questions about yourself. What excites you about your life’s journey? What interests do you have? Write down anything that comes to your mind. You can disregard some of your ideas later. Ideas are building blocks that can be shaped to make up your structure.

Don’t be fearful to include situations where you failed and became frustrated. This shows your character and how you are able to conquer hindrances. Take note to be positive without sounding like you’re garnering sympathy. Read other sample essays for inspiration and assistance on your topic, but be sure to avoid plagiarism and imitation. Your essay must have your own unique footprint embedded in every sentence.

Follow instructions

If your application asks for two pages, then write only two pages. If there is a space on the application, make sure to fill out the entire space. If there are no particular requirements, aim for one to two pages with font size and type that are easy to read—although you may want to write the essay in your own handwriting for that personal touch. If the essay requires you to answer a specific question, answer it. Different applications from different colleges may require general or a specific features, so make sure you incorporate what they ask for.


Hundreds of essays are being read by the admissions board. Be genuine, honest and sincere. Honesty can generate a lot of positive feedback from the admissions board.

Your reader should remember you. Be creative and leave an impression, making sure you attract the reader’s attention with a great opening line or sentence. Use descriptive language by giving facts and details in a creative manner.

Once you are done, do your proofreading and revision. Check for proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. These will say a lot about your work. Your aim is to be favorable in the mind of the reader so make a good impression as far as you can.

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