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That I am applying for the Executive MBA Program of Drexel University is, in my estimation, something of an inevitability. The basic reality is that all my research into existing opportunities strongly indicates that this program of the LeBow College of Business is virtually ideal, if I am to move forward as I so desire. No other program I have investigated matches both the standards of Drexel and so perfectly suits my own particular requirements in furthering my education and my career.

Since graduating with honors from the Tbilisi State Medical University in my native Georgia, my pursuits have been marked by a distinct duality; that is to say, my commitment to the medical arts has always been paired with an equally strong interest in the administrative and managerial components of the healthcare field. These twin paths have never seemed to me remotely contradictory. From the beginnings of my education, I perceived that expertise in management was a vital element in providing superior healthcare, and in any setting. An essential regard for humanity and well-being must reside within a physician, and I can state with absolute confidence that my own dedication in this regard has never wavered. Nonetheless, and as I recognized early, healthcare must be efficiently conducted if it is to serve the people. A deep desire to care for the ill, even paired with the highest level of skill, is a tragically lost asset if the physician is held back by administrative or business-related concerns. My determination is to be as well-trained in the business of healthcare as possible. It is the only way that the vital work of doctors everywhere, including myself, may be most effectively utilized.

I have no intention here of reiterating what my resume conveys. Nonetheless, I would like to point out an aspect of it I myself have only recently recognized, in that my career path so far indicates the ambition described above. From my earliest years of practice in Georgia, where my outpatient clinic work brought to my attention deficiencies in organization that were adversely affecting patients, I began attempting to improve structures and procedures in administration. I approached my later work with tuberculosis and AIDS treatments in the same way. As I tried to make the most of every available opportunity to address the diseases themselves, I made consistent efforts to better share information, and enable greater efficiency in such treatment. My years in Atlanta and Jamestown have further reinforced these priorities for me. I find that, the more I can contribute to the development of new programs and the streamlining of management functions, the better the healthcare facility fulfills its essential reason for being.

At this stage in my career, I am convinced that the Drexel Executive MBA program would vastly assist me in taking my ambitions as far as my talents will allow. That this program is clearly of a superior educational standing is no small inducement, and I look forward to learning from the finest minds in the field. Of no small import to me, however, and a significant reason for my choice, are the unique key features Drexel offers. It is clear to me that this is a program designed with the professional in mind, as the structure is so adaptable to the working executive's existing needs. Then, I am drawn to the Global Knowledge Network in place within the program. I like very much that Drexel so recognizes the enormous benefit of connecting students with top executives around the world, which experience must be greatly helpful to all concerned. Moreover, and on a basic level, this feature maintains the MBA student within the realm of the executive business itself, and not in a isolated, educational environment. My goal is to bring my skills in healthcare administration to their highest level. I am confident that, given the opportunity to secure my MBA from the Drexel University Executive Program, I will be positioned to meet, and hopefully even exceed, this goal.

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