How to Write a Good College Admission Essay

It’s time for the dreaded college admission essay. It’s only “dreaded” because they can be very make or break for your academic career. If you’re not too confident in your ability to capture your own character and possible contributions to the student body, you find a personal statement writer online who can help with that.


Sit back and think about what you have to offer the college or university then put that to the side. This will be the nucleus you want to build your essay around. Next, you want to look at your personal experiences and focus on them. The key is to make everything relevant.

Make Yourself Look Good

Well duh. You don’t want to come off as a bland, sloth-like student. No institution wants those kinds of students as a potential future alumnus: only the best and brightest! Highlight your strengths and mention your weaknesses. In a way being able to list your weaknesses can be considered a strength as it shows modesty and honesty.

Draw out all you can about your talents and such. You also want to discuss your hobbies in some way. If you’re writing for college focused towards the arts and your hobbies are focused around writing and artwork, that is perfect—a bit of a busman’s holiday at times, but perfect nonetheless.

If your hobby is playing video games, talking to friends, or going shopping—leave all of it out. Not only is it not interesting to read about, but unless your college or university of choice features these as a focus of the course, then it’s hard to make it relevant. You’ll come out better making up a pastime. Just say that you read or something, it’s not like they monitor you on your downtime.

Finally, include any extracurricular activities you’ve done in high school.

Writing and Delivery

This is the heavy lifting of your admissions essay. Here you can allow for everything—your manners, your intellect through a well written response, your drive and want to be a part of the college, your personal experiences, and writing ability—to shine. As with any essay you’ll want to pace yourself and establish a flow for the whole essay. Don’t dwell on anything far too long, but don’t skirt over anything.

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