Top 10 College Admission Essay Writing Prompts: Best Ideas From An Expert

Gaining admission into a desired college may be a tough nut for quite a few students. When they have to fight it up with guys who have got equal marks; their next assessment is through admission essays.

Preparation goes bust

Now, you may turn up with thorough preparation and yet fall short because of an absolutely different selection of topics. What saves you here is the conjuring of writing prompts that may sail you through irrespective of the topic. Here are a few examples –

  1. ‘I may be new to this place but not short of ideas. They keep floating in my mind; encouraging me towards fresher pursuits.’
  2. ‘The education system has at last begun to feel its groove and get into it. The ragged edges are getting eroded, just as we speak.’
  3. ‘I opened the gate to find her dazed; she wore red; a stark contrast to the alabaster green of her eyes and that vision remained. It still remains 10 years long the line.’
  4. ‘Societies will do well to open up their horizons and emerge from their parochial mindset. In case they didn’t notice; the world has changed dramatically in the last 40 years.’
  5. ‘Forgiveness is the best attribute you can have; for it has no answers. No one can grudge you the fact that you forgave him. It is pivotal to development.’
  6. ‘Multicultural enterprises may have acute plans in mind, but the first thing need to ensure is seamless interaction between its employees. After all, they sit in a racist hotbed.’
  7. ‘It was a dreary day that led to the dark night; my expressions rarely changing with the rustle of the leaves until I saw that brow-beaten face. It broke a tune in my mind.’
  8. ‘The blasting techniques and the new innovations to make bridges are just the start; the futuristic world will have no issues with load-bearing.’
  9. ‘The women have themselves engendered the casting couch syndrome and their excessive objectification by remaining silent and even enjoying the tattle.’
  10. ‘Only when I reached the summit did I realize that I could have taken a different path; one that was long but fraught with righteousness. This is the story of human nature.’

Making the choice

These writing prompts can be tweaked to facilitate any topic. With a privileged start, you can endeavor to give the essay a special treatment. Yes, you should have an insightful knowledge of which topic to choose so that you can do justice to it.

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