Suggestions on How to Write a Good Admission Essay for College

Time to write the dreaded college application essay? Do not panic. While many students find the task heavier than a bucket of bricks, it does not need to be that bad. Actually, you might find it an enjoyable and instructive experience. You have the chance to take a clear and detailed look at your life. Reflecting on experiences and the lessons you have learnt from them is a good exercise at any time. Take this opportunity to flex your muscles of reflection, analysis, and storytelling.

Here are a few suggestions that can make your essay writing smooth and painless:

  1. Choose a good topic: This advice should be taken as a serious order! You can end up writing badly if the topic is not good for you. A good topic is not a universal constant. Choose the one that allows you to talk about the things that you are proud of.
  2. Start early: If you let your essay-writing wait for too long, it will cool YOUR heels. Jobs done in a hurry are more likely to be botched. Start working on your essay as soon as you can. Allow for unforeseen delays and roadblocks.
  3. Do it professionally: This essay is no different from any other; it requires the same steps that you learnt at school. Do not cave in to the temptation of making it casual.
  4. Brainstorm and make an outline: Do not forego brainstorming just because you think that you know what you are going to write! Brainstorming will give you nuggets you will later thank yourself for. Preparing an outline allows you to define the scope of your essay. It also helps organize your thoughts in concrete maps. There is a fair chance of digressing if you are not working with a pre-planned structure.
  5. Answer the question: The question that you have chosen as your topic needs to be answered. Critically analyze the statements in the question and give the answers your admission committee is looking for.
  6. Do not eat dirt/Do not boast: Your essay is your showcase. Be smart and talk about your positives without sounding arrogant. Conversely, do not wail and whine about your shortcomings.
  7. Save the tearjerker: Do NOT write stories and anecdotes that seem to be screaming for sympathy. There is no room for that. Come on! There must be some happy incident you can recount or a forceful, life changing one perhaps?

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