Admission essay writing service - Do They Help Students?

This is easily the only time where essay writing services help students. Normally essay writing services ride that thin gray line between academic crime and “help”. How about in that odd moment where essay writing services get the pat on the back?

You Did All the Work in High School

You went through high school and did all of the heavy lifting in doing courses, arbitrary weekly tests, final exams, essays, projects, physical education, unneeded field trips, and extracurricular activities. In this one situation, you can have someone else do your paper for you and it not be counted as academic crime.

“But an opportunity at college is on the line”

This is true. It’s like playing a game: you’re only cheating if you’re playing against someone. When you do your essays normally its academic crime since your grade is on the line. In this case however, you can coast in with someone else handling the admission essay. Why not? Again, you did all of the heavy lifting. You handled 99.9% of the work. You can let someone else handle the 0.01% and not stress yourself over another essay.

“Another essay wouldn’t hurt though”

Of course one more essay wouldn’t hurt. Think about it, you’ll end up doing many more essays for the next four-plus years! An extra essay that could get you into college so you can do more of those essays that you’re just going to go crazy without isn’t going to crack you, right? There won’t have a nervous breakdown and need to take a long hiatus from you 9-5, seven day of week essay writing job, won’t you?

While another essay wouldn’t hurt the writer and they need the essay done, it can’t hurt to let someone take it on. The institute doesn’t know that they didn’t write the thing and they could take a break from big match essays once in a while—especially when a shot at college is on the line. When you get someone who gets paid to write admission essays—among others—they’re not working with that looming “If I don’t make this interesting I won’t get in!” level of stress. They’re paid and they’ll do their job properly (in most cases).

To return to the original question of do they help students. In this case, we’ll give them the thumbs up and say “Sure, why not.” It’s a very soft “Yes.”, but it’s something.

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