How To Find A Winning Scholarship Essay Example

If there is one thing you want to give yourself an entire season—yes, I mean several months, it is your essay writing sample for any scholarship you seek. You want time to research a winning, unpredictable, and unique topic and to make sure the writing is not just impressive—but out-of this-world-stellar-impressive. What helped me the most when I was applying for universities and graduate schools was to look at books and online examples of some of the best scholarship essays and personal statements to make sure that everything in my application folder was something any admissions officer would want to read and that there was not one flaw in them.

Universities and graduate schools want everything in your application folder to be impressive. Believe it or not, they like very unique samples that make them excited about reading them—not something predictable or dull. I learned this when researching how to write personal statements. See, these admission committees are literally flooded with essays and folders full of application materials to read and they do not want yet another safe, boring paper to read that takes no risks and does not strive to be inventive. You not only need to think about this, however. You also want to make sure the grammar, spelling, structure, and formatting of the paper is perfect. Here are some ideas on finding winning scholarship essay examples. First, is there a student you know who got into the school of their dreams that might share their approach and samples of their application materials with you? These kinds of friends are very valuable to have, so think about any recently graduates who got into top tier schools and contact them for a sit down and tutorial about what they did to get into the school of their dreams. Second, your local library is a wonderful source for seeking out books on how to create winning scholarship essays and personal statements. Ask the librarian there to help you find all the materials you need to write impressive application essays.

Also, use the internet to your advantage. Today, there are countless examples of fantastic scholarship essays and advice on how to create one. Choose the best websites and ones that have .edu in the address. You want ones not only created by schools but the best schools with fantastic teachers.

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