Tips for Writing an MBA Admission Essay

When it comes to writing an admission essay for a master of business administration, you’ll want to follow the same general process of writing any essay—especially a personal essay. It’s the exact same process only the target is different.

Ask Questions…of Yourself

Just ask yourself questions about what’s so special about you. What are your skills and talents? Why do you want to pursue a MBA? Why is this school your choice? What can you offer this school? The answers to these questions will make up your MBA admission essay.

Showcase Yourself

This will take up the greater bulk of the essay; it’s literally the meat of your essay. This means actually go into your skills, talents, and hobbies. You must elaborate on these, but you don’t have to be overly elaborate. Just do better than “I enjoy drawing” and “I can write, sing, and dance”. That’s all great, but what kind of writing do you enjoy doing? Has anything been published? Have you been in any clubs? These will bolster your essay and add some beef to it.

On the subject of extracurricular activities, you’ll want plenty of these on your admissions essay. Whether you do them in school or after school, touch upon them. Let the reader know that you were actually active during your high school years. If you’re gunning for that level of degree in this field, you should’ve done something to prepare you not just for college, but for master level classes.


In the main part of the essay writing process, you want to pull everything about you and what you can offer together here. Also, you want to come in big with a strong personal statement about yourself in the introduction and close big by wrapping everything up in the conclusion. The conclusion should review everything you discussed in the bulk of the MBA admission essay briefly. Keep everything relevant to your field of study.


You want to pace yourself while writing, don’t burn yourself out. Also, you want to pace the essay so that the reader isn’t bored by long explanations that dwell too long on something. Give a decent amount of time to each point and keep the essay moving.

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