Writing A Scholarship Essay – Typical Mistakes And Original Solutions

Getting a scholarship is like winning the jackpot if you’re a student. Whether you’re using your brain or athleticism or a perfect combination of the two, scholarships can get you free tuition, room and board and even a living allowance on top of that if you know how to work the system right. Part of that system requires you to complete an essay that convinces the relevant authorities that you deserve all or some of those benefits described above. Here some of the mistakes common to scholarship essays and ways you can avoid them:


Way, way back in the day it was possible to lie about yourself and not be found out immediately or ever. This was before social media. Unless you’ve been planning to fabricate your scholarship essay your whole life, you most likely have a history online that tells the truth about you no matter how hard you lie. If you claim to be an animal rights activist in your essay and there are pictures of you being unkind to animals on your social media, you’re prospective college will find them. Purge your account of everything that can harm you but also keep your claims to the realm of reality.


This is bluffing’s less reprehensible cousin but it can still get you into trouble. You’re expected to show off your achievements so that they show up favourably to the admissions panel. If you exaggerate and state that you immersed yourself in Spanish while doing volunteer work in South America, you can very easily be exposed if you’re Spanish skills are lacking. Just let the people know you enjoy traveling if that’s all that happened.


If you can’t lie and you can’t exaggerate, how can you also not humble-brag? Good question. The answer is as follows: be nothing more than honest. Your life is your own and however you’ve lived it up until the point of essay writing, you should be proud enough to live that truth. You should also be honest enough to speak positively about your work without couching it in the appearance of self-deprecation. If you’re an excellent student, it’s okay to say so without saying something that diminishes your accomplishment right after. If you want the committee to respect you it helps, first off, for you to respect yourself.

There are only three tips listed above so it shouldn’t be too hard to follow them up. Write like you mean it.

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