How To Write A College Application Essay In a Week

If you are trying to write a college application essay time is not on your side especially if you only have one week in which to write it.

So if you are under the gun and you need to write a great application essay consider the following:

  1. Build off of your accomplishments
  2. Start by building off of your accomplishments. This is the fastest way to find a great topic on which to write. In order to write a winning college application essay you need to impress the reader and show them why you would make a good candidate for their academic institution. You need to show them you would be a good investment. How? By using your accomplishments, talents, awards, and activities. You have likely listed all of these in your application form, so do not try and squeeze them all in here. Instead, pick one or two of the most important ones and expound on them. This does not mean you should repeat what was on your application. It means you should focus on one or two of your specific accomplishments and put them into context. Share the details of what happened. Your application might state that you stage managed a play, but in the essay you can write about how you designed and built all of the sets in just one week. Use this opportunity to demonstrate the significance of your achievement.

  3. Create your thesis
  4. Once you have your story or event in hand you need to create a thesis. This means having a central point to your essay. Even though it is not a formal academic essay it is important that you have a clear point. Try and summarize the purpose of your essay in one sentence. This one sentence is your thesis. Many students forget this simple rule while writing especially under a deadline.

  5. Stay specific

While you are writing your college application essay in under one week you need to ensure you are specific. Avoid general statements like “education can be the key to success”. You only have a small amount of space in which to convey why you are the best applicant and as such you should stay focused. Write about a specific event that showed you why education was the key to success. Stay specific in your short amount of time.

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