Crafting Your Personal Statement

There really are only a handful occasions in life where you will be expected to write a personal statement about yourself stating your intentions, goals, and a brief biography. One of these occasions is when you go to apply for college or universities and are asked to include a personal statement in your application for admission to that institution.

Writing your personal statement, although it is all about you, is a lot more difficult to do than it would initially seem. This is because; although you are writing about yourself you need to do so in a way that flatters you while demonstrating your proficiency, and creative side. In many ways your personal statement should both talk about your personality and literally demonstrate it depending on how you choose to put the statement together. A personal statement IS considered a formal bit of writing and you will expected to properly format it and put it together nicely as well.

How To Put Together A Great Personal Statement

In order to make the process a little bit easier we've included a list of things to include in your personal statement for a college or university application:

  1. A little bit about yourself including where you grew up and what your parents did
  2. A few of you’re interests that are relevant to the application and personal statement itself
  3. Include a certain goal or goal(s) that you would like to achieve
  4. Make a "statement" about how you intend to meet these goals and elaborate on what, where, how, and why.
  5. Explain what makes you unique and why you should be considered or aided
  6. End with a simple restatement.

The most important thing to keep in mind when putting together your personal statement is that you are worthy and unique. As long as you keep telling yourself that and clearly state your objectives and goals you will do great! It is important to try to avoid being too vague - instead try to be specific because it with makes your personal statement seem more authentically thoughtful, which is something that most people look for when they read is type of writing. If in doubt, have a few people that you don't know look your personal statement over for you and find out what they think about it- getting feedback should really help you make improvements where they are needed.

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