University of Chicago Essay Topics Are Always Provocative: Be Ready to Take a Challenge

The essay questions for admissions to the University of Chicago are known among prospective students to be provocative. If you want to take up this challenge, then you’re in for an opportunity to show who you are through words. Your ambitions, tastes, personality and uniqueness can be explored through these essay questions.

Keep reading for tips on how to use these kind of questions to write a great essay and get accepted. Submitting an application to any college or university is a little nerve wracking, but if you’ve written the best essay that you can, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Tips for Application Essays

Writing an essay like this is likely your only chance to impress the school and want to take you on as a student. You have no control over your personal information or other paperwork, so the essay is the only thing where you can show your personality and interests. Make every word count, and stay true to what makes you an individual. You probably won’t get in by trying to seem like the perfect student. The ones who are accepted to study at any university are the ones who are authentic, creative, and flawed. It’s your imperfectness, your humanness that’s the most important. Think about how your life differs from anyone else’s and what you want to do with it.

Examples of Provocative Essay Topics

Here are some of the topics that you might find at the University of Chicago. These questions range from being intriguing, eloquent to even wacky. There’s something for everyone when you can choose which one you want to write about, and it makes for a good opportunity to talk about something you’re interested in. These are just a few examples from past essay questions that the university used.

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