8 Tips To A Better College Application Essay

It is a tough decision to decide which college you want to apply to as you continue your education. The application is detailed and comprehensive, requiring you to provide a list of accomplishments in your life, in addition to your high grades. An admission essay is the final part of the process, and one which is vital. It could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Answer all questions presented. If the college provides you with guidance on the topic of the essay, make sure you answer the questions provided, as you will be judged on your ability to follow instructions.
  2. Be truthful. When you are writing, be as honest as possible when addressing the questions presented, or creating a personal essay about a topic of your own choosing. There is no need to make more of your resume than it is, do not justify activities, as if they were lesser accomplishments. Most of all do not lie.
  3. Be succinct. The guidelines may ask for a minimum 200 word essay about any topic you want to write about. While you must write more than 200 words, do not write a thousand word treatise on a subject. An admissions director has to review thousands of applicants. If yours is too long, it may never get the full attention it deserves.
  4. Be interesting. The worst thing you can do is write a boring factual statement about a topic. If you want to make a difference in your application, and stand out from the rest of the applicants, you need to keep the interest of the admissions director.
  5. Write what you know. This statement is about you. It is the opportunity to showcase the attributes and character traits that make you the ideal candidate to attend the college. Do not write about complex subjects that are far beyond your grasp.
  6. Do not write a term paper. This is your choice to tell the reason about why you want to attend college and be a success. This should not be a term paper with well researched information on a subject. Convey a story about your life and virtues, and that will impress them.
  7. Do not be broad and vague. When you write on a topic, do not write in generalities, stating obvious and widely known information. Get specific, write as detailed a possible about your topic, using personal examples from your life.
  8. Remember, it is a college. Proofread your essay for any errors. Also, when you write, try to write in a sophisticate manner to convey intelligence, not write as if done by a child.

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