How to Write an Essay for College Admission and to Take the First Place

Well you have set your sights on a particular college. It offers the ideal course and curriculum for what you want to study. Perhaps it is part of a family tradition and other members of your family went to that college. But whatever the reason or reasons you have your favourite college in mind, as you know it is a competitive world and never more so with the best colleges. There are far more students who apply to get into certain colleges than there are places available. The key to your success is the essay you write for college admission. Yes, there might be a face-to-face interview to follow but this does not apply in every instance. And even if it does, you won't get that interview unless your essay is top notch. How do you write an essay for college admission and take the first place?

Remember the fact that the people going to college are people. They are not machines or robots. The same goes for the people who are reading the college admission essays. They too are people with likes and dislikes. They are open to be swayed by the words they read. So do not come across as a number. Be a person and reveal your personality.

Study the way the college you wish to enter operates. In your college admission essay explain how you will be a valuable contributor to the life of this college. Explain how you will be a worthwhile student, someone the college will benefit from having at this institution.

While you may be a specialist in one particular area, it is always good to show that you are an all-round person. It's not so much that you have to be good at everything but rather that you are a participant and a willing participant at that.

By all means list your achievements and let the college know exactly what you have done. But if there have been some aspects of your academic or personal life in which you have not been as successful as you would've hoped, don't neglect to mention these things. But do explain the circumstances surrounding them.

Finally it is important that you come across as a humble and honest person and someone who has been frank in writing this essay. Remember you are dealing with human beings. You as the applicant and the college staff as the people deciding who will receive an invitation to enter this college. Keep your essay very much on a human level.

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