What to mention in your admission essay

The admission essay is something most students need to complete in order to be accepted into their school of choice. This is a personal way the school you are applying to can learn about you are and your career interests. This is a good opportunity for the school to access your writing abilities while learning about your goals and accomplishments. Yet, some schools may not provide further details about what you should include in your essay, leaving students stumped on what they should write about. The following suggestions are often pieces of information schools want to know about applications seeking admission.

Why and/or How the School Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Chances are the school you are trying to gain admission to have something to do with your future goals and career interests. This is information the school needs to know. It is like telling the school you need their help accomplishing your goal but in a formal manner. Maybe you admire the school’s reputation or those who have previously graduated from there. Maybe you feel you can bring something to the school that they look for in students. Think about where you want to be in the future and how the school will play a big part in helping you get there.

Accomplishments You Have Achieved Related to Your Career Interests

You may have good accomplishments to mention that happened during previous parts of your academic career. This may include being an honor student or maintaining a certain grade point average. Maybe you overcame a challenge or had a personal experience that influenced your career choice. Look into writing about these experiences in a way that would be interesting but significant to the school. The school should be able to learn about who you are and how you would fit into the school’s values.

Why Do You Want To Attend The School?

This is really a no brainer but you are writing about your interests in a formal well written manner. Think about why you want to attend the school and consider important points about how you feel. If you can visualize yourself attending the school what do you see? Why do you want to graduate from there and how important is it for this school in particular to play a role in your success?

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