Red Flags of Essays for Sale

Bad essays, many companies claim 100% plagiarism free essays, but are they any good? Make sure to look at the topic along with spelling and grammar. Other red flags pop up as well when looking for essays for sale. Watch out for these other red flags.

  1. Is your essay going to get you caught for plagiarism? Getting caught is a big issue in buying essays. There is a much greater chance of getting caught when buying an essay. The internet has made it easier to buy essays, but it has also made it easier for people to get caught buying these essays. Most college count this as plagiarism, make sure to check the college guide and rules on plagiarism. Sites that offer prewritten essays may be more prone to plagiarism.
  2. Commonly used bad essays. The most commonly used worst essays. Every college gets these and usually casts them aside or fails them. Check to make sure the essay is not on the list. The free verse essay (ignores all the rules), admiring a person (do not pick a celebrity), the reformed convict essay (listing everything you have done wrong and how you are much better now), an overly metaphoric essay (where everything is a metaphor). These are the most common essays and do not usually go over well. Pick something original, something that no one else has thought of.
  3. Free essay papers. Anyone offering free essay papers are most likely a scam. Any good writer is not going to give away their talent for free. If they are, something is wrong. Most likely the spelling and grammar will be horrible and the topic horrible. Do not get a free essay paper from anyone, especially off the internet.
  4. Not citing resources. This is a big issue. If they didn’t cite resources, where did they get all their information from? The writer could have just made it up. This is common among essays. If no one is willing to check the resources, the professor will definitely notice. Most likely giving the writer a failing grade.
  5. Your conscience. Is your conscience telling you not to buy an essay online and just write one? Listen to it, it is probably right. Buying an essay online may get you caught and kicked out of college for plagiarism. It might be better just to do the essay and research yourself.

By watching for these red flags, you will be prepared to get a great essay written. Don’t be fooled by free essays, prewritten essays, or really bad essay topics.

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