FSU Admissions Essay Writing Tips

Many students who wish to go to FSU have to write an admissions essay. Admissions departments request essays from applicants so they can figure out what students would best represent the university. There are so many students enrolling in college that admissions departments all over the country need to be able to differentiate one student from the next so they can choose the best candidates.

Choose a Unique Topic

When you write your FSU admissions essay, you should be sure to write an interesting essay that shows how unique you are when compared to other students. While most schools have specific requirements for applicants’ essays, it is vital for students to share their creativity in their essays. So many students write about the same things, struggles they have overcome, ways they have helped less-fortunate people, or special things they have learned over the years. When you are applying to a school like FSU, it is important to really work on differentiating yourself from other applicants.

Along with crafting a completely unique essay, there are a few other tips that every applicant should take into consideration:

  1. Proofread and edit. Look for spelling errors
  2. Do not use words you don’t know. When you use big words that you do not understand, it shows. Keep your language natural and appropriate to your topic.
  3. Get help! Ask a teacher to help you along the way. Teachers love to help students with their college application essays. If your school has a class for writing college essays, take it and do your best.
  4. Relax while you are writing. If you are forcing the words to make it to the page, your writing will feel unnatural. If you can relax, your writing will show your confidence and colleges want to see confidence that is justly due.
  5. Write about what you know. Make sure that you tell the truth without exaggeration, because untruths will show in your writing.

When you take time to write a powerful piece for your FSU admissions essay, that essay should help you get accepted. As with every writing piece, remember your audience (the admissions specialists) and remember to maintain an appropriate tone and style. This essay is important, but it is just a part of the package of information that FSU has along with your test scores, grades, and high school resume.

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