How to Proofread Your Scholarship Essay Before the Submission

Your scholarship essay can determine the decision made by the admissions director or scholarship coordinator where you applied. The essay is extremely important. You have to introduce yourself to the panel and do so with perfect grammar, mechanics, spelling, and essay construction.

Since the scholarship essay is so very important, have a solid plan for editing and proofing needs. Consider these tips when getting your paper ready for submission:

Essay Specialist

Your high school may have a college admissions and scholarship essay specialist. If you are so fortunate, make appointments to visit at least three different times (brainstorming, rough draft, final draft).

If your school does not offer one as a courtesy, you can search for one online and pay to have the editing and proof reading sessions.

Custom Writing Companies

A custom writing company will handle all types of writing editing, not just scholarship essays. You can still benefit from using a custom writing company for your editing needs.

Guidance Counselors and English Teachers

Your guidance counselor and English teacher may be able to help with your essay proofing some. Just keep in mind that they may have many others students to help also. You may not get the complete care you need if you struggle to write well.

Peer Proofing

You can let a friend look at your essay for proofing. Just make sure that peer proofing works in tandem with some other type of proofing. Do not rely 100% on a friend to find and help you correct all of your mistakes in an essay for college admissions and scholarships.

You Can Do It

You can self-edit your scholarship essay. But much like peer editing, you need to combine your self-proofing with help from at least one other source. Write the draft for the essay, let it sit for a while, revisit it, and then make corrections. Continue this process until you think you have a final rough draft.

Then take your final rough draft to someone else for proofing. Consider that person’s comments and then write your final scholarship draft. This final may not be final. It sounds confusing, but you should look at the final a few more times before you actually submit it.

A scholarship essay is important and requires proofing from several sources. Do not leave this essay up to chance. Line up the people who are helping you proof now and save yourself much worry later. Good luck!

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