Are Sample College Admission Essays Helpful?

Sample college admission essays can be extremely helpful in some ways, but they are also detrimental to the writing process as well. When you research too many essay samples, you may begin to feel as if your writing needs to be exactly like these “wonderful samples” and it may make the entire writing process a little more difficult for you. Why? Because these samples were written by other students and not by you and the way that you would tackle a subject is not the same as anyone else. This is why writing is such a unique art form, and why colleges choose to include admission essays in their applications. A college essay gives admittance officers the best sense of an individual without meeting them in person.

Using College Admission Essay Samples To Your Benefit

The best way to use college admission essay samples is to look at them objectively as the writing of your peers. Remember, just because someone approached a subject in a certain way and was successfully admitted to your choice college, doesn’t mean you need to re-write their essay. Trust that your thoughts and opinions are just as valid as any other applicants. Compose a completely unique admission essay, but use the samples as a model of what you wish to accomplish. This doesn’t mean copying someone else word for word, we recommend that you learn from these samples how to correctly approach the topic question.

Making Your Essay One of A Kind

Never forget that you are a unique individual who has value and insight that other may appreciate. When you sit down to tackle your admission essay question, do so in a fashion that demonstrates your character and who you are as a person. This will make your essay completely unique and one of a kind.

Consider this, everyone else will be writing the essay that they think will appeal to the admittance officers however YOU can write a truly great paper that stands out amongst the crowd. Do not let the essay samples manipulate how you answer the question, just because you think different doesn’t mean that your opinions are wrong.

Trust us when we say that an essay with a refreshing approach will be better received than one that is just the same as the samples. You will blow the readers away, with your refreshing response to their application essay topic.

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